TitleSensing Intelligent Machines
Project id.98
Reference sectorICT
IP Protection LevelThe R&D activity is protected by an European Patent (EP 13425145.3) and by an Italian Patent (RM2012A000540) and by two registered softwares (Infrared Imaging IRI IMagePro 2.0 , SIAE 16.03.2016-010521; Infra-Cal, SIAE 2015000057)
Description of the innovation projectNext2U has developed technological solutions for real-time detection of human psychophysiological states through non-contact, non-invasive thermal infrared imaging. Next2U is able to provide to robot, cars, interfaces, the capability to understand the emotions in order to let the machines to adopt strategies aligned with the user's needs or implicit requests. Such solutions increase the effectiveness of the human-machine interaction. Next2U has developed applications in the automotive field. In US, our solutions provide robots and avatars the capability to interact with deaf babies. The methods can be applied to smartphones to create apps adapting to the user's emotional state.
State of dev.Product
Industrial applicationAutomotive (Cockpit Design, User Experience, Safety), Robotics (Social Robots, Assisting Robots), Aeronautics (Flight Simulator, Cockpit Design, Training), Medicine, Living Assisted Environment, E-Learning
Market segmentAutomotive/ Smart Cars > 12 M€; Aeronautics/Transportation > 10 M€; Social Robots> 5 M€; Learning Tool> 5M€; Mobile> 4M€; Telemedicine > 4 M€
Advantage factorAssessing psychophysiological activity and vital signs through thermal infrared imaging and our computational solutions provide the following advantages with respect to competitors: Imaging-based Physiologically sounded Non-invasiveness Ubiquitous monitoring No need for subject’s cooperation Reliability - Mature technology Solutions scalable to diversified targets High integrability in real world scenario Increased effectiveness in HMI
Commercial challengeThe solutions provided by Next2U srl take advantage from: - Advanced expertise and knowledge of the science behind the technical solutions - No competitors working with the same technology in the same market segments - Modularity and scalability of the solutions to different applications - Diversified market targets - Stakeholder customers significantly investing on projects based on Next2U’solutions - 
Long terms on going projects (aeronautics, defense, automotive, robotics) .
Publications and Customer Refereces1) Merla, A. (2014). Thermal expression of intersubjectivity offers new possibilities to human-machine and technologically mediated interactions. Frontiers in Psychology, 5:802, doi: 10.3389/fpsyg.2014.00802. 2) 3)

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