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Reference sectorNEW MATERIALS
IP Protection LevelInterMarmi has already deposited the demand for International industrial patent (identification number 102016000036033)on April 7, 2016.The innovation aims to introduce a new eco-friendly process, that is a production cycle,by using a material considered a waste of stone processing industry as a raw material,through the use of a modified 3D printer
Description of the innovation projectTRIP is an innovative productive process for the recycling of waste sludges of natural stone processing,from which a new raw material will be produced. The project obtained the Seal of Excellence by the European Commission (SMEInst-11-16-17) and it has won the award for Start Cup Puglia,and Pugliesi Innovatori given by the Puglia Agency for Technology and Innovation.The process includes the recovery of sludge residues, produced during the industrial processing of natural stone, and their subsequent reuse through a 3D printing process.It is a circular economy solution able to transform a "special" waste, very expensive to dispose of, into a new raw material made from 80% of recycled marble dust
State of dev.Prototype
Industrial applicationA new market niche, which derives from a strong market trend toward the reuse of sludge through a drying process and the development of new products based on the recycled sludges, including: bricks, self-mounting construction products, pre-cast products including concrete beams, joists, concrete bricks, panels, agglomerated stone and cement industry.
Market segmentIt is a B2B business for the construction industry as well as for the design industry. The potential of such market niche has just began to be understood and opens a wide range of possibilities for those subjects that have the expertise and tools needed to take advantage of it. We transform marble waste from cost to economic resource.
Advantage factorBy adopting this solution, it will be possible to obtain: - recovery of waste of murble processing (Directive 203/2003); - reduced disposal costs; - new horizon for industrial production; - new approaches to 3D printing; - a reduction of the quarry materials extraction; - to increase the use of recycled materials (Directive 98/2008/CE); - to reduce environmental pollution.
Commercial challengeThe challenge that the company management aims to take, is to develop and achieve the validation and certification of the new manufacturing process and innovative material in the target market.The project is aimed at achieving a closed production cycle, in which every industrial district minimizes the materials of result and the production of wastes.The production and commercialization of the new solution will allow InterMarmi to consolidate its presence on market and develop new markets.
Publications and Customer Refereces“Trip Techniques Recovery Innovative Printable, A New Cycle Of Life In The Stone Industry”, the Italian Journal of Engineering Geology and Environment special number to the 1st International Sustainable Stone Conference, Carrara 20 May 2016.

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