TitleOmnia Genius
Project id.95
Reference sectorICT
IP Protection LevelA European patent industrial application, for intellectual property of hardware and software innovations, has been filed on 07 September 2016 (Application Number 16187556.2) The European Search Report prepared by European Patent Office is positive: the application and the invention to which it relates seem to meet the requirements of the EPC.
Description of the innovation projectOmnia Genius is a Smart Home Energy Management System that can be integrated into buildings in order to guarantee energy efficient operation while ensuring a high quality indoor environment and smart living. It is conceived for domestic and micro-business users and it is aimed at: 1. informing the users about his energy habits; 2. optimizing energy consumptions through smart loads management based on predefined and self-learning logics; 3. facilitating the deployment of solutions that would improve demand response in buildings. Omnia Genius is important tool for the energy utilities to expand their offerings with the goal of growing customer care and satisfaction.
State of dev.Product
Industrial applicationIt is necessary the E-Distribution smart meter to work promptly. Omnia Genius is intended for domestic end- users and micro-business up to 100 kW of contracted power.
Market segmentThe Omnia Genius Italian potential customers are 37 million about. Supposing the advanced version of Omnia Genius with smart control of electrical loads, a starting price of 249,00 € and an annual electricity costs about 560,00 € (3200 kWh) and a gas consumption of 1.400 scm, the payback period for a single user is about 15 months
Advantage factorALL IN ONE system, able to embrace in a single device application areas ranging from energy management to the Smart Living ,which are now offered on the market separately; - Plug&playdevice,thereisnoneedfortechnicaloperationsforitsinstallation; - ADD- ON logic, allowing the integration of the system with other devices without the need for on-site interventions; - Simple and intuitive APP able to "drive" the user in a virtuous containment path of the energy costs; - European patent on smart logic
Commercial challengeThe Smart Metering and smart grids rollout can reduce emissions in the EU by upo to 9% and annual household energy consumption by similar amounts. Today, the consumers have a little information both about long term impact that their behaviours have on electricity generation and about the various prices bands of energy that are better adaptable to their lifestyles. In this scenario Omnia Genius aims to reduce energy costs giving consumers greater control of energy consumption.
Publications and Customer ReferecesOmnia Genius has been submitted in H2020 European Reserach Programme trough a SME Instrument phase-1 funding scheme.

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