TitleMaveryx Test Automation Framework
Project id.94
Reference sectorICT
IP Protection LevelCopyright
Description of the innovation projectThe Maveryx Framework is an innovative Functional Test Automation technology able to inspect the applications under test at runtime, recognizing objects and performing actions like a senior human tester would. The tool is able to run tests on many implementation technologies (Java, mfc, .NET, Android, Web) and on different system (Windows, Linux, Mac-OS) with no extra effort. Maveryx lets starting the development of the tests even before the applications under test are released. It eliminates the dependacy on recorded actions, GUI maps, and so on, and the connected expensive maintenance costs. Maveryx grants benefits in terms of saved time, improved functional coverage and then quality.
State of dev.Copyright
Industrial applicationTest Automation Industry
Market segmentIndustry
Advantage factorMaveryx automate software testing by a technology able to inspect the applications under tests as a person does, recognizing the objects at runtime and performing the test actions no matter the implementations and the execution environments.
Commercial challengeMaveryx grants and incredible speed up to the software release time (up to the 50%), a significant quality improvement by an increased functional coverage (even more then the 40%), and a significant reduction of tests' maintenance and development costs.
Publications and Customer ReferecesBelgium Testing Days Conference 2014: The faces of testing: men vs. robots; Belgium Testing Days Conference 2015: From desktop to mobile and back; Italian Software Testing Forum 2016: Maveryx – Test it Simple!

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