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Reference sectorBIOTECHNOLOGY
IP Protection Levelpatent pending n.102016000028573
Description of the innovation projectIsolation protocol and use of bacteriophages, such as or in combination with lactoferrin, for the production of controls for food preservation, the sanitization of the environments and the cure of gastroenteric syndromes caused by Salmonella spp. on men and animals.. The fields of application of the invention are 3: Procedures for the isolation of bacteriophages from natural environment, man and animal wellbeing and finally the control of Salmonella in food. The invention proposes an isolation protocol for bacteriophages specific to Salmonella spp. starting from environmental matrices made up of faeces buffaloes; on the use of a bacteriophage from the natural environment, in combination with lactoferrin for the development of an antibacterial device and finally a combination of two lytic bacteriophages for the development of an antibacterial device to be applied to food products for the control of Salmonella.
State of dev.Concept
Industrial applicationThe industrial sectors of reference to which our product is destined, are the Pharmaceutical sector, packaging, medical sector and veterinary
Market segmentThe market analysis is in phase of definition as we are now implementing new analytic parameters for this innovative technology
Advantage factorCurrently there is no data on the combined use of bacteriophage and lactoferrin in the treatment of intestinal infections sustained by strains of Salmonella spp as well as antibacterial for stables and barns. In addition, the act is against specific bacterial targets (Salmonella spp.) that are present on foods, thus gaining greater control over the health of food products naturally, avoiding the use of synthetic or antibiotic substances.
Commercial challengeunique characteristics of the bacteriophage to be used on foods of animal and plant origin, on the development of a natural source of antibacterial device that can act on specific bacterial targets (Salmonella spp.) present in the breeding environment and also the implementation of an antibacterial gland of natural origin for human and animal therapy against gastroenteric syndromes caused by Salmonella spp.
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