TitleBRAVO (Beyond the tReatment of the Attention deficit hyperactiVity disorder)
Project id.91
Reference sectorICT
IP Protection Levelnone
Description of the innovation projectThe BRAVO system aims to provide support to the treatment of children with learning disabilities caused by various types of problems (ADHD, autism etc.) through an advanced gaming environment. The system uses the electroencephalographic track, the electrodermal variations and the heart rate of the players to evaluate their emotional state, and based on these data adjusts the difficulty of the tasks proposed to users in the games. The key idea is to provide a gaming experience as comfortable as possible and tailored to the player's abilities, in order to avoid failures and frustrations that too often negatively affect children with learning disabilities and lower their self-esteem.
State of dev.Model
Industrial application Serious game
Market segmentEducation/care of behavioural disorders in the evolutionary age
Advantage factorPossibility to adjust the gaming experience to the biofeedback collected (stress level, engagement, attention etc.)
Commercial challengeThere are two interrelated challenges: bring this innovation to market, and leverage its competitive advantage by creating a brand that can be franchised to healthcare organisations for the treatment of behavioural and learning disorders, both in outpatient care and at home.
Publications and Customer Referecesnot yet

Proposal of cooperation agreementVenture capital financing