TitleTALED - TelecommunicAtion, Localization and real time Environment Detection
Project id.90
Reference sectorENVIRONMENT
IP Protection Levelno patent is currently available
Description of the innovation projectTALED has the objective of providing a service for monitoring and operational support to manage fire fighting and extinguishing operations. In this way, TALED will offer operators real-time and deferred maps during incendiary events of any kind. TALED will support teams through broadband satellite communications, essential for two-way management of geographic information in areas unsatisfied by mobile networks.
State of dev.Prototype
Industrial applicationThe project is included in the environmental sector and specifically in the fight against fires with the use of satellite technologies.
Market segmentThe estimated selling price for TALED is about 500k€ per year for European Entities and about 200k€ per year for Italian Regions. An additional price, 43k€ per year/per vehicle with economic return after 3 years.
Advantage factorIn the TALED’s sector of fires and fire-engendered aerosols there is no same, similar or even partly similar service to TALED currently run on either institutional or industrial basis.
Commercial challengeFirefighting spending could be greatly reduced if appropriate measures are taken in terms of: a. Optimization of the system of alerts, and consequent reduction of false alarms; b. Improvement of coordination of teams involved in field operations; c. Reduction of inefficiencies in airborne operations (improved localization of the release point).
Publications and Customer ReferecesMemorandum of Understanding between ALI -SMA Campania for the use of TALED technology.

Proposal of cooperation agreementCommercial representative