TitleIntelligent energy management for aeronautics
Project id.9
Reference sectorAEROSPACE
IP Protection LevelIP protected due to Aeromechs involvment in EU projects
Description of the innovation projectLooking into MW-class Electrical Power Systems for future aircraft, mass and volume is a critical factor. Improvements can be achieved by applying energy management (EM) strategies. Traditionally, EM is mainly referring to shedding mechanism (i.e. load disconnection). Since 2011, Aeromechs is proposing a new approach for EM based on Supervisory Control, implementing "Power Transfer" concepts. Such ideas have been validated as propotypes in the frame of two past Clean Sky 1 projects and other two currently running Clean Sky 2 initiatives, carried out by Aeromechs in consortium with leading European universities and companies (University of Nottingham, UTRC Ireland, and others).
State of dev.Prototype
Industrial applicationElectrical systems for aeronautics
Market segmentRegional a/c, business jet, fixed wings a/c, helicopters, and other flying platforms. Supervisory control systems dedicated to energy management are opening a completely new market segment, very attractive, and still having few competitors due to notable multidisciplinary skills required for the implementation of such systems.
Advantage factorCurrent state-of-art related to energy management for aeronautics includes only poor mechanisms, such as traditional load shedding. Power transfer mechanisms proposed by Aeromechs represents the current EM state-of-art, and can be used to achieve substantial improvements in terms of weight reduction onboard. As an example, tests performed in the frame of past European projects carried out by Aeromechs have shown that up 15% of generator mass reduction can be achieved by using this approach.
Commercial challengeIndustrialization of the prototypes developed in the frame of past and current European projects could provide a tremendous ROI, due to the vast applicability of the proposed innovative EM concepts to different a/c platforms and the specificities of aeronautic sector. Moreover, virtually no competitors are currently active on the same topic, hence a commercialization of such systems can lead to a global dominant market position
Publications and Customer ReferecesAeromechs has been involved in two Clean Sky 1 projects named: I-PRIMES and EPOCAL. Moreover, is currently involved in two Clean Sky 2 ESTEEM and ENIGMA projects (starting on April 2018). Full reference and details are provided here: Moreover, on the company website (, additional details are available, including a list of publications related to the same topics, most of them produced as a result of EU projects carried out by Aeromechs.

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