TitleDrill point for one-shot drilling sandwich panels and similar: sllick geometry
Project id.88
Reference sectorAerospace
IP Protection LevelEuropean Patent n. EP1888281
Description of the innovation projectThe present invention relates to a special micro grain solid carbide twist drill, that consents to drill on different types of sandwich panels made of the materials encoured in the building of Aircraft. (Al-Al; Al-Ti; CFC-Ti; CFC-Al; CFC; CFRP.) Slick Drill eliminated all the intermediate passage of drilling process, in order to achieve the final result in one sole action, including the reaming. Slick Drill works in one shot - one up operation, without leaving any burns on the surface. The angles of this drill are unique and essential elements. They are necessary in order to give the drill a perfect efficiency.
State of dev.Patent
Industrial applicationAERONAUTICS INDUSTRY
Market segmentAerospace & aeronautics. The market segment of Slick Drill is rappresented by all companies assembling parts that require drilling operations on composite materials or on stack up of materials. It has been developed for the aeronautics industry, which requires optimal drilling quality for the part assembly.
Advantage factorThe slick drill places itself on the technological market with great impact and innovation, guaranteeing the solution to considerable problems related to the elimination of shavings. There are both economic and quality improvements in using this drill.
Commercial challengeSlick Drill permanently eliminates the use of repeated operations on the same area, changes the ways of eliminating shavings and furnishes tangible solutions to the problems arising from boring at high speed with the need for exceptional surface refinishings. Slick eliminates all the intermediate drilling passages and gets to the final result in only one operation including the reaming. This represents an answer to the fast-paced technological request and quality controls demanded.
Publications and Customer ReferecesProject MSE n. E01/000799/00/X17 Decree n. 1931 of January 22nd 2013 title of project: "Studio, progettazione e prototipazione di un’innovativa famiglia di utensili progettati con nuove sinergie geometriche, destinati a lavorazioni di materiali compositi di ultima generazione per l’industria aeronautica". This Fit project (fondo speciale rotativo per l'innovazione tecnologica) resulted in the patent for slick drill.

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