Project id.87
Reference sectorICT
IP Protection Level--
Description of the innovation projectWe intend to create a robot can be used in medium and large stores, based on artificial intelligence and machine learning. The robot sale assistant can dialogue with customers, give information and process the data in his possession. The robot, which can also work as a cart; it will allow you to pay and arrange for the purchase can be delivered at home. At the time to entry into the store, the user will approach the robot, using his smartphone, like a badge. Once the smartphone will be associated with the robot, Robotika may provide its services. The robot Robotika will interact with the client using the contextual variables (i.e. the environment)
State of dev.Model
Industrial applicationRobotika will automate 30% more of the tasks done by today's contact center staff. Our technology will enable e-commerce websites to recommend products uniquely suited to shoppers by their customer experience, and enable people to search for products using conversational language, as though they were interacting with a person. Robotika will use artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to maximize and customize the user experience.
Market segmentConversational robotics market; intelligent e-commerce market
Advantage factorRobotika will be able to communicate with customers, give information, allow to pay and arrange the delivery of goods at home
Commercial challengeAttracting and developing new business Innovate/generate new ideas for artificial intelligence and machine learning
Publications and Customer ReferecesR&D Project AIKA, EVA, ISI, ROBOTIKA

Proposal of cooperation agreementKnow how transfer, Venture capital financing