TitleESSG® - Enterprise Security Service Grid - Software Framework for User and Entity Behavior Analysis in real time
Project id.84
Reference sectorICT
IP Protection LevelESSG® is a CODIN trade mark
Description of the innovation projectESSG® is a framework for the development of software solutions implementing User and Entity Behavior Analytics functionality. ESSG® enables highlighting of diverging behaviors of individual entities, considering their potential impact on assets, values and processes. Machine learning functionalities facilitate the continuous evolution of behavioral patterns. Predictive algorithms allow anticipation of decisions. ESSG® operates in real time and implements the following algorithms: Self Organizing Map, Feed Forward / Back Propagation, Persistent Homology, Predictive Regression, furthermore tools such as Adapter, Behavior Modeler, Aggregator, Complex Event Processor are available
State of dev.Product
Industrial applicationThe addressed industry is ICT where ESSG® enables real-time solutions for User and Entity Behavior Analysis dedicated to process security in areas such as: Maritime Security where monitoring of vessel behavior is implemented, Cyber Defense where identification of insider threat is enabled, Critical Infrastructure Protection where value creation processes are secured
Market segmentThe target of the framework are the large IT companies. CODIN intends to position itself as a technological partner of excellence. CODIN, after an evaluation of the market, considers the indicative value of the framework equal to 100,000 euros. From a first estimate the total value will represent 25% of CODIN turnover: 1,000,000 euros
Advantage factorESSG® solutions allows to address issues in heterogeneous contexts through a behavioral modeling approach of entities and processes. The innovative approach utilizes evolutionary and predictive analysis techniques providing a holistic view of the observed phenomena. The provided analytical technologies enable managers with the ability to anticipate phenomena, appropriately plan interventions minimizing activities, resources, and impacts
Commercial challengeESSG® provides customers with innovative and high-value solutions to monitor areas such as: Homeland Security, Cyber Defense, and Crtical Infrastructure Protection by immediately identifying risk factors, threats, and criticalities. Thanks to the proposed framework, the holder of the exploitation rights may become a reference point in the identified sectors
Publications and Customer ReferecesESSG® has been utilized to deliver solutions, proof of concept and studies for: INPS (Italian National Welfare) implementing internal process monitoring, MMI (Italian Navy) for vessel behavior monitoring, Leonardo SPA for social analysis and cyber defense, AIFA (Italian Drug Agency) for monitoring of drug prescriptions

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