TitleUser and Entity Behavior Analysis for the optimization of agricultural production processes
Project id.83
Reference sectorENVIRONMENT
IP Protection LevelThe solution is based on ESSG®, a CODIN registered trademark
Description of the innovation projectThrough cultivation scanning performed by UAV, the solution extracts data from the onboard sensors and manages information correlation in order to optimize all phases of the agricultural production process. The solution implements evolutionary analysis enabling the cultivation behavior analysis and progress over time. Through Persistent Homology algorithm, Self Organizing Map and Feed Forward neural network, the solution enables identification of phenomena such as epidemiological diffusion, water and nutrient requirements, and product maturation status allowing to perform appropriate corrective actions
State of dev.Model
Industrial applicationThe addressed industrial sector is Environment, with a focus on agriculture where the solution enables a better territory exploitation, optimizing valuable resources such as water and allowing for a greater attention to environmental issues minimizing the use of nutrients and pesticides
Market segmentThe target are the large agricultural corporations, with a strong knowledge of the domain with which cooperate in the development of the project design. CODIN, after an evaluation of the market, considers the indicative value of the solution equal to 75K €. From a first estimate the total value will represent 15% of CODIN turnover: 600K €
Advantage factorThe proposed solution introduces an innovative approach applying the User and Entity Behavior Analysis to precision farming. Through utilization of behavioral models, evolutionary and predictive analysis a holistic view of the production process is provided. The adopted analytical technologies enable the anticipation of phenomena, the appropriate planning of interventions and the minimization of maintenance activities and required resources
Commercial challengeFarms operating in the area of interest, cultivation types and production processes are to be analyzed in order to enable proper identification of marketing methods such as: supply, service, service company. The solution improves the productivity of extensive crops and protects niche or particularly valuable crops. The holder of the exploitation rights has the possibility to become a reference point as agriculture solutions and services provider
Publications and Customer ReferecesCODIN has participated in the Public Tender POR CALABRIA FESR-FSE 2014-2020 under Action 1.2.2 "Support for the implementation of complex research and development projects on few key thematic areas and the application of functional technological solutions to the realization of S3 strategies." CODIN project was admitted and funded through Decree of approval of the Managing Director (10/10/2017 prot. N 440)

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