TitleAmorlife App
Project id.82
Reference sectorSMART CITY
IP Protection Level No patent as yet
Description of the innovation projectApp making dedicated to the promotion of the sicilian touristic territory through routes, services and structures releated to the wellness theme (natural food, sustainable receptiveness, natural health services etc., Tourist - dedicated cultural itineraries).
State of dev.Prototype
Industrial applicationIT and web application for smartphones and tablets
Market segmentTourism development
Advantage factorTargeted distribution to the many people who come to Sicily and are interested in wellness; trade and services related to quality of life - promotion of this specific professional field
Commercial challengeDistribution of the APP and placement in international markets
Publications and Customer ReferecesSince the project is innovative, no references are still avaiable.

Proposal of cooperation agreementVenture capital financing, Distribution Agreement, Sub-contracting Agreement