TitleSMILE (SMart Innovative Leading Edge)
Project id.8
Reference sectorAEROSPACE
IP Protection LevelOn going development for subsequent IPR and patent exploitation
Description of the innovation projectSMILE (SMart Innovative Leading Edge) rationale arises from the need to dissipate thermal energy from the stagnation points of a wing leading edge structure of such high-speed aircrafts, where local temperatures may reach 500°C for long periods. The SMILE solution guarantees smaller thermal gradients inside the component skin and smaller heat peaks at the stagnation point, thus increasing the life of the hardware because of the reduced cumulative stresses in the material. The system consists of an innovative aircraft wing’s leading edge embedding a multidisciplinary three-functional concept providing high heat exchange efficiency.
State of dev.Concept
Industrial applicationThe target industrial sector to which the object is destined is of course the aerospace with specific reference to A) Super/hypersonic business aviation (small aircrafts) B) Fast cargo transportation aircrafts (or special services/products such as mail and express, pharms, valuables live, perishable, transcontinental organ transport, etc.) C) High speed commercial aviation (large aircrafts) D) General Aviation (in reverse “de-icing” configuration)
Market segmentSMILE is targeted to enter the market of high-speed transportation systems of business jet which market segment has the largest growing potential (3.5% /year) and 1/3 is represented by the “top-class” Business Jet. Assuming to gain a share of 20% of the market we expect to sell about 500/year for a net income of about 10M€ in 20 years.
Advantage factorThe novelty of SMILE solution consists in the exploitation of a concept that combines the principles of both thermal conductivity and phase transition to effectively transfer heat between two solid interfaces of the aircrafts leading edge. Presently there are no commercial competitors and only technological alternatives exist. Analytical and experimental studies demonstrate that SMILE is capable to lower of about 30% the surface temperature, respect to competing solutions.
Commercial challengeThe SMILE solution have been studied for 4 years in the context of the project HYPLANE ( A number of companies, universities and research centres from Italy, Europe and other countries participated under self-funding conditions and recognizing the leading role of Trans-Tech and its ownership on the results. That opportunity gave Trans-Tech the possibility to study the SMILE applications which became one of the most important company asset.
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