TitleOperational Modal Analysis
Project id.79
Reference sectorSMART CITY
IP Protection LevelNo patent is pending.
Description of the innovation projectThe most complete software for output-only modal identification of civil structures has been developed. It holds a large set of modal identification procedures, including well-established and innovative approaches. The identified modal parameters can be used afterwards to calibrate numerical models, for troubleshooting (for instance, to identify the causes of vibration problems), and for validation of design assumptions in civil engineering.
State of dev.Product
Industrial applicationCivil engineering is the natural field of application of the product. In fact, civil structures are usually big and massive, so they are difficult to excite. Operational Modal Analysis allows the experimental identification of their modal properties from their ambient vibration response.
Market segmentMarket segment includes construction companies and professional engineers.
Advantage factorThe main advantage is related to the availability of an integrate hardware/software solution for output-only modal identification, and of an extensive set of advanced data processing procedures developed in an academic context.
Commercial challengeThe product gives an answer to typical needs in civil engineering related to the experimental analysis of the dynamic response of structures. Thus, it has a potential for commercialization abroad.
Publications and Customer ReferecesRAINIERI C., Fabbrocino G. (2014). Operational Modal Analysis of Civil Engineering Structures: An Introduction and Guide for Applications, Springer, New York.

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