TitleApulia bio Oils - ABO - Fuel Oils from bio masses
Project id.76
Reference sectorNEW MATERIALS
IP Protection LevelNo patents needed. There are on the market machines for trasformation row oils from cooking and other Biomasses in Bio Feul (Bio diesel)
Description of the innovation projectThe production of bio-fuels has a great prospect in the coming years, because it is the means to reduce the pollution caused by the diesel engines and eight. Experts estimate that the turnover of the sector, which in 2016 was 1.8 billion euros, in 2020, will reach 5 billion euros. Already many oil companies are proposing Bio diesel, as a less polluting product even if the product is not all bio but a mixture of 15% bio fuel and 85% diesel oil. Our project involves the transformation of cooking food oils with the frying method, collected in different ways and processed with methanol, producing: bio fuel and pure vaseline. These products are obtained through a process called "transesterification" with a production capacity of 14 tons. per day, 4500 tons year. With the possibility to double the production.
State of dev.Prototype
Industrial applicationEcology and Environment
Market segmentOils
Advantage factorInnovatio in consum of bio diesel for automotive, agricoltural machines, fish boats for all engines diesel and otto.
Commercial challengeBig demand to achieve the European Program "HORIZON 2020" and to save the big cities fro pollution.
Publications and Customer ReferecesWe still complete the project and we have seen petrl companies like customers, several of that, they qlready sell mineral diesel from oil added with bio diesel. Big market, only in Italy the value year 2016: 1,8 bimillion Euro, previeu fot 2020: 5 bimillios Euro.

Proposal of cooperation agreementKnow how transfer, Venture capital financing