Project id.73
Reference sectorSMART CITY
IP Protection LevelBrand registration at CCIAA of Benevento (license n. 0001607260 of 29/09/2014)
Description of the innovation projectiCity is a modular software solution able to connect several domains in a smart city, collecting and elaborating data and generating aggregated information useful to optimize the administrative and decisional processes concerning the town life. iCity is a modular platform, implemented according to services architecture, including modules dedicated to mobility (fleet management, smart parking, traffic count), security (videosurveillance of critical areas), environment (meteo and pollution data), analytics.
State of dev.Product
Industrial applicationPublic Administration (mainly Municipalities)
Market segmentThe public administration could offer innovative services to citizens in the domain of mobility, security, asset management, adding transparency to the administrative processes
Advantage factorThe platform could be easily expanded, adding new functionalities customized for specific needs or integrating specific interfaces towards third-parties systems.
Commercial challengeThe towns that will start the evolution towards a “smart city”, one of the more important development trends in the next years, have to re-organize the administrative processes, improve the quality and the number of services for citizens, involving them actively. iCity could be a product, customized and configured in a suitable way, that will follow this evolution.
Publications and Customer Refereces•Municipality Avellino - Sistema integrato gestione mobilità urbana •Municipality Viterbo - Interventi a sostegno della mobilità pubblica e privata In both cases “iCity” is installed in a control room, acquiring in real time data collected by independent subsystems like: •traffic and parking monitoring •access control for vehicles to pedestrian areas •meteorological and air monitoring, through a sensor and station network •video surveillance of critical areas •public transport information

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