Project id.71
Reference sectorENVIRONMENT
IP Protection LevelSENSE SQUARE has a patent for the solution. N. 102017000064056
Description of the innovation projectSense Square has been developing a technology based on sensors of air pollutants to collect and process data in real time in a wide area. This equipment allows a high resolution of air quality measurement (PM 10, PM 2.5, ozone, NO2, CO). In detail, dense networks of sensors able to provide both the data in real-time and also with a high definition will be realized.
State of dev.Patent
Industrial applicationSense Square technology focuses on the air pollution issue providing a solution to increase awareness of air quality preventing both inattention and emotional over-reactions induced by no basis in hard information. Sense Square has developed a technology based on a smart network of sensors able to collect and process in real time data from a vast area, enabling an outstanding level of high resolution set of information on the quality of air (PM 10, PM 2.5, Ozone, NOx, CO, Sox).
Market segmentThe key clients of our solution are: - Public administrations; - Companies having industrial plants with a big problem: the NIMBY syndrome (Not In My BackYard); - All citizens who, by APP and web portal, can check in real time and 24 / 24h the pollutant levels in the air they breathe every moment; - Territories that focus on health
Advantage factorA widespread distribution of such sensors on the territory would create a steady stream of data, micro mapping the territory and allowing the users to have information about the surrounding environment. The data, once processed and stored in a database, could be viewed with our platform/APP, which can return the simplest representation of the monitoring data in real time. Users will therefore have access to various data access from the web portal to the smartphone application.
Commercial challengeSense Square unlike its competitors, is able to be competitive in terms of costs having low manufacturing/producing costs. To produce a full station, Sense Square invests €1200. Then, the Safe Breath selling/license price is given by the sum of producing costs, personnel cost to assemble the air quality monitoring station and 10% of margin profit, for a total of €3000/year for a station. The price include the station ongoing maintenance.
Publications and Customer ReferecesSENSE SQUARE srl foresees growing opportunities in the market, moreover in country like Italy, UK and Iran for which Letters of support/intent (LoS) are collected (see sect.4 and attached supporting documents). Italy: at the Italian level Safe Breath collected LoS from Terna, ASAP, Giudice, Negro, Iran, Smart Communities, Terni Energia, OneMobility.

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