TitleWIB - The new IoT solutions provider
Project id.70
Reference sectorICT
IP Protection LevelItalian Patents N. 10201302183865, N.102013902183869 European Patent for Automatic Vending machine N. 002998856 USA Patent filed N. 14/911254 Design Patent Application N .29/575245 China Patent Application N. 2014800450590 Patents have also been filed in Canada and Japan European Union trade mark N. 015165921
Description of the innovation projectWIB brings patented, next generation cloud-based pick up, drop off and sales solutions to a vast range of retail industry segments. The Company provides fully tailored hardware and software formulas at the forefront of technology bringing the personalized marketing strategies of the internet into the real world. WIB is committed to providing exciting, interactive and completely personalized shopping experiences by communicating with the consumer through various integrated channels. As we are able to gather and analyse vital sets of data in real time, we enable our clients to personalize said interactions for individuals or groups in order to maximize results.
State of dev.Product
Industrial applicationWIB automated systems are mainly applied in the Retail and grocery industry. applications.The company has recently developed Smart Lockers to implement a 24h7 automated pick up point for the working environments.
Market segmentThe company is in discussion/pilot phase with leading retail chains in Europe and USA. WIB products are currently being used as lockers or in grocery and pharma segments.
Advantage factorWIB offers a patented handling system able to recognize different products and types of packaging; a multiple picking system to consistently improve the speed of handling systems; multiple payment methods (payments can be made in advance via mobile or desktop or directly at the store using cash, credit/debit card, any loyalty card, PayPal and even Bitcoin; powerful communication and marketing tools; 24/7 pick up availability.
Commercial challengeLarge volumes manufacturing and cost reduction can represent a threat to the commercial development
Publications and Customer ReferecesCISCO "Digital Malls" - Automated retail will enable $7B new annual sales in unconventional locations such as luxury resort, gyms, hospitals etc

Proposal of cooperation agreementCommercial representative, Venture capital financing, Distribution Agreement