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Reference sectorBIOTECHNOLOGY
IP Protection Level- Patent awarded on Dec. 2015 n.0001419537 - WIPO, PCT/IB2014/001469 (date 29.07.2014) - EPO Application No./Patent No.14777766.8–1375. - USA Patent Application Serial No.14/906,457 of PCT/IB2014/001469, Jan. 20 2016. - Patent application n. of issue 102016000100382, date 6 Oct 2016. All patents owned by Mr Fabrizio Nardo
Description of the innovation projectThe invention concerns the exploitation of waste and organic waste, such as by-products of the agro-food industry, solid organic waste fraction, sewage sludge, digestate deriving from the anaerobic processes for the production of biogas (bio-methane). The patented process, called NPT (Nardo Process Technology), concerns the biocatalytic oxidation of biomass from which a perfectly biostabilized and pasteurized fertilizer is obtained. The NPT, waste-to-fertilizer technology, has industrial, environmental and social advantages. No odor emissions, no pollutants emission, no leachate production during the process. NPT is a real Zero-Waste technology fully coherent with Circular Economy concept.
State of dev.Product
Industrial applicationManagement of solid organic waste (SOW) such as sewage sludge, the organic fraction of urban waste, by-products of the food industry. An industrial-scale NPT plant started operations in Jan. 2014 in Sicily (IT) at Red Island facilities. Red Island's NPT plant successfully treats citrus processing waste and sewage sludge according a waste-to-fertilizer conversion. The NPT product recorded at Fertilizer register of Ministero dell'Agricoltura in the section for organic agricultural application.
Market segmentSOW management. SOWs represent around 40% of total waste. A plant with a capacity of 25,000 t/y has a cost of 4 ÷ 5 M €. The product obtained is a perfectly biostabilized and pasteurized fertilizer, excellent for use in agriculture. The revenue for the customer derives from the non-cost of disposal and sale of the product.
Advantage factor1. technology based on the use of a patented catalyst. 2. The NPT catalyst can be separated from the product and recycled into the industrial process. 3. The NPT is able to easily ferment even very problematic fractions such as citrus waste, sewage sludge, digestate, etc. 4. NPT also has environmental advantages; it has no polluting emissions, nor does it smell; there is no leachate formation; it is a zero-waste technology; 5. it is not necessary to pre-treat the biomass before the fermentation.
Commercial challengeA national patent has already been issued. Other national and international patents are being evaluated. NPT technology is reliable, resilient, simple and low cost.
Publications and Customer Refereces*Letter of Appreciation by Slovak Minister of Environment to dr. F. Nardo, 19.09.2016 *Simce 10.01.2014, an industrial-scale NPT plant (capacity 25.000 t/y), started operations at Red Island's facilities (Italy). *NPT has been presented at T2gE - Transition to the Green Economy - In the framework of Slovak presidency of EU Council (6-7 set. 2016) at Bratislava.

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