TitleDesign, prototyping and validation of an innovative inspection system to detect imperfections in the production of pasta
Project id.69
Reference sectorICT
IP Protection LevelThe technology is protected by patent, granted jointly with Ricciarelli SpA. Its patent number is 2345330.
Description of the innovation projectThe project consists in the design, prototyping and validation of an inspection system based on image analysis for automatic and high-speed identification of pasta imperfections. The system can be inserted with minimal plant modifications downstream of the drying furnaces; it allows the detection and automatic deviation of imperfect products due to unusual occurrences during production (dough contamination, drying defects), guaranteeing full 100% control of the product, without introducing delays in processing.
State of dev.Patent
Industrial applicationFood Industry
Market segmentThe market segment at which the innovative system is aimed is represented by medium and high-end pasta factories, not only in Italy but worldwide, with particular focus on those markets, such as the Japanese one, where high-quality levels of control are required and a growing awareness about food safety is recorded among final consumers.
Advantage factorSpecific algorithms for image processing have been developed, due to the lack of calculation codes which could solve the problem related to the high variability of images (for pasta shape, colouring, free and casual layout of pasta during the fall in front of the camera). Also it has been necessary to realise compact devices for LED lighting (4x1.200W=4.800W), more powerful than any similar device, to guarantee a footage of the product in fast falling and with wide depth of field.
Commercial challengeThe technology developed allows us to widen our product range, offering a solution which meets a market requirement expressed over the time and, at the same time, to increase our corporate customer base, referring ourselves to new potential clients. Another factor which would enhance the value of the society consists in the high level of transferability for the realisation of similar systems in related sectors (feed mills, biscuits factories and pharmaceutical industry).
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