Project id.67
Reference sectorICT
IP Protection LevelAt present, the company does not have a patent but we want to file all necessary patents to safe our tools in the near future
Description of the innovation projectTourmake allows users to create 360 ° walkable virtual tours, realized through the connection of 360 ° photos, as well as computer-generated pictures working with indipendent technology. Users can add contents and hotspots on tour-specific zones or objects. Among contents type are booking plugins, Paypal button, multimedia files and 360°videos but they can also leave a comment or a review directly on the tour. Here some examples: • Rendering project: • Explore Dolomities: • Fiat Plant: • Albania tour: • Park Güell Barcelona:
State of dev.On the market
Industrial applicationAny business or commercial activity, SMEs and big company, as private and private bodies. The sectors with which we work most are: automotive, hotel and restaurants, fashion and textiles area, consumer goods, hi-tech industry, industrial sector, design and communication industries.
Market segmentThe product is applicable to all product categories: from SMEs to big large commercial holdings, but also public and private spheres.
Advantage factorTourmake is currently the only tool with independent 360 ° technology to create navigable and implemented virtual tours with hotspots and other state-of-the-art contents that can be explored by any desktop / mobile device, even through VR viewers directly from the browser. The multilingual platform at the same time offers users the ability to publish virtual tours directly on Google Street View, being one of the few companies that got the Google Workflow Ready license.
Commercial challengeOur solid organizational structure, constantly updated, allows us to maintain leadership in the field of VR and the market value of our products are based on that. The market value of our products are based on solid foundations and the creation of new tools has greater value compared to competitors. This causes a significant reorientation in consumer preferences and therefore a greater growth to its rivals.
Publications and Customer ReferecesIn the recent past we worked with leading agencies and companies to realize special and custom projects as for example: Ford: Mercedes: Absolute Vodka: http: // Coop: http: // Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles: Jeep: Fiat:

Proposal of cooperation agreementCommercial representative, Venture capital financing, Distribution Agreement