Project id.66
Reference sectorBIOTECHNOLOGY
IP Protection LevelIn the patent phase
Description of the innovation projectBioinformatics platform to assess the impact on human health of plant protection products and selection of those products (eg grapeline or cereals) that have a lesser negative impact on the most common human pathologies.
State of dev.Prototype
Industrial applicationagro-food industry
Market segmentA great opportunity is provided by new techniques such as Next Generations Sequencing and information technology to produce smart products that have a lesser impact on human health. It can be seen that the economic return on the use of such a database containing such databases will be estimated at several tens of millions of dollars
Advantage factorThis project proposes a radically innovative approach to the study of the impact on human health of these products and the development of new intelligent strategies to promote a better lifestyle The use of predictive tools and computer simulation makes it possible to accelerate the development of new plant protection products from the past, assessing the impact on human health as a matter of priority.
Commercial challengeThe use of computerized forecasting and simulation tools, built on the basis of data collected through next-generation sequencing techniques, accelerates the identification and development of new plant protection products compared to the past
Publications and Customer ReferecesSome of the studies published by Unict are mentioned: 17.June R, Pulvirenti A, C L, Pigola G, Iron A (2013). Microarray Data Classification by Association Rules and Gene Expression Intervals. PLOS ONE, vol. 8, ISSN: 1932-6203, doi: 10.1371 / journal.pone.0069873 18.R. Detefano, G. Nigita, V. Macca, A. Lagana, R. Giugno, Pulvirenti A, A. Ferro. (2013). VIRGO: Visualization of A-to-I RNA editing sites in genomic sequences. BMC Bioinformatics, ISSN: 1471-2105, doi: 10.1186 / 1471-2105-14-S7-S5

Proposal of cooperation agreementVenture capital financing