TitleSIP manteinance management
Project id.64
Reference sectorICT
IP Protection Levelbeing marketed
Description of the innovation projectSip is the software fot the maintenance management throuth the virtual reality and interactive videos. With SIP the organisation finds a compatible partner for managing maintenance processes, generating costs reductions and knowledge sharing. SIP Technology is accessible through: web, desktop, mobile and cloud.
State of dev.Ready in the market
Industrial applicationSIP is used by operating in aeronautical, automotive, manufactoring and naval field
Market segmentAeronautical field with about 35% contribution margin
Advantage factor1- Cost reduction and more rapid intervention 2- Maintenance analysis and performance 3- Know how shared and available internally 4- Operative instructions of easy learning thanks to virtual reality
Commercial challenge1- SIP set to zero learning times and costs (-35% for digital e-learning) 2- SIP is among the technologies that allow you to exploit the industry's overwhelming 4.0 3- SIP may be considered an R&D project and thus be used for the tax credit (50%)
Publications and Customer Refereces and "Harvard Business University" november 2017

Proposal of cooperation agreementLicensing, Distribution Agreement, Sub-contracting Agreement