TitleHIL (High Instructions Learning)
Project id.63
Reference sectorICT
IP Protection Levelbeing marketed
Description of the innovation projectHIL (High Instructions Learning) is the most powerful software for technical staff training through interactive video procedures in Virtual Reality. Available on web, mobile, stand alone and provided with an intelligent multi-profile and multi-user management, HIL allows: -Eliminating learning time and cost for technical staff -Know How storage and sharing inside the company -Making immediate technological transfer to operators -Avoiding the loss of know-how and the economic damages due to staff leaving -Multi-level training for the operators -Creating organizational and economic advantages HIL is successfully used by public companies working in aeronautical and automotive areas
State of dev.Ready in the market
Industrial applicationHil is used by operating in aeronautical, aerospace and automotive field
Market segmentAeronautical field with about 35% contribution margin
Advantage factorHil is the software for the training and updating of technical staff throuth the use of virtual reality and interactive videos. Advantages: set to zero learning times and costs; auto training and e-learning; instant technological transfer to the operator; allows the know-how sharing and preservation in the organisation; allows the multilevel training for the operators; improves staff organisation
Commercial challenge1- HIL set to zero learning times and costs (-35% for digital e-learning and -15% for virtual reality training. 2- HIL is among the technologies that allow you to exploit the industry's overwhelming 4.0 3- HIL may be considered an R&D project and thus be used for the tax credit (50%)
Publications and Customer Refereces and "Harvard Business University" november 2017

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