TitleAISEE - Extract privacy issues from camera
Project id.59
Reference sectorSMART CITY
IP Protection Levelpatent pending
Description of the innovation projectPark Smart has developed an hardware and software technology able to analyze, in real time, the availability of parking spaces in a monitored area. Park Smart uses cameras, even the ones already existing in the area, to process the images locally in an IoT specific for computer vision and detect vacant and occupied parking spaces. Information is then made available to drivers on their smartphone in order to indicate parking availability in the nearest areas.
State of dev.Product
Industrial applicationsmart city - logistic
Market segmentparking managment companies, mall, logistic hubs
Advantage factorAISEE is able to analyze streaming video in the same moment the content is produced without recording or sending image anywhere but "estracting" the data in real time.
Commercial challengeUsing Park Smart technology not only increase the average parking occupancy in the area but it can be used to detect additional information not privacy related like how many people get off the car, which vehicle has parked and where, ecc.
Publications and Customer Refereces"Advanced Concepts for Intelligent Vision Systems (Lncs 10016): 17th International", article named: "Learning Approaches for Parking Lots Classification", 21 October 2016. Several pilot in Europe

Proposal of cooperation agreementCommercial representative, Venture capital financing, Distribution Agreement