TitleRenewable energy production from upward motions
Project id.56
Reference sectorRENEWABLE ENERGY
IP Protection LevelPCTIB20160538888
Description of the innovation projectThe product comes from a project work that lasted 4 years and was developed with the collaboration of graduates from Milan, Turin, Palermo and Genoa. This product has obtained the recognition of an international PCT patent. The patented innovation makes it possible to produce electricity, exploiting the ascenional flows. Combining heat produced from renewable sources, or heat from other applications, and the height of both civil and industrial structures, which have a height of over 50 meters.
State of dev.Patent
Industrial applicationSkyscrapers
Market segmentbuilding
Advantage factornew mode of renewable energy production
Commercial challengethere are currently no similar technologies
Publications and Customer Referecesnone

Proposal of cooperation agreementKnow how transfer, Venture capital financing