Project id.53
Reference sectorICT
IP Protection LevelSmart Agent software has been registered at S.I.A.E., registration numbers 010807 and 010808, 08-07-2016
Description of the innovation projectSmart Agent is a technical platform which is designed and implemented on a mobile APP architecture for QoE (Quality of Experience) Monitoring and Testing activities carried out by mobile telco operators (or mobile virtual network operators). Smart Agent solution aims at measuring key network parameters and can also be used as Customer Care Troubleshooting feature.
State of dev.Product
Industrial applicationTelecommunications
Market segmentThe target market is the B2B telecommunications sector, aimed at traditional and virtual mobile operators, and in general to all Telco operators engaged in the activities of Radio Network Investigation, Radio Network Optimization and Operation & Maintenance. The market value is estimated in the order of a few million Euros.
Advantage factorSmart Agent allows to: (i) recover the “user perspective” in the process of network performance analysis (by exploiting the distribution of technical employees over the territory) and (ii) to implement only targeted traditional optimization activities, otherwise almost impossible to achieve on a large scale.
Commercial challenge(i) Cost reduction in activity of Radio Network Investigation (RNI), Radio Network Optimization (RNO) and Operation & Maintenance (O&M), (ii) improvement of network performance by evaluating just the QoE of some company technical employees, (iii) deterministic reports geo-referenced rather than statistical in nature, (iv) indicator of business continuity for all Telco companies, including those which do not possess in-house service for RNI and RNO.
Publications and Customer Refereces“Performance of smartphone experience”, Ericsson, 2013; “Ericsson launches smartphone network optimization”, Ericsson, 2012.

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