TitleValueGo® The platform for transparency of agri-food supply chain
Project id.51
Reference sectorICT
IP Protection LevelEU Patent No: 0001398383
Description of the innovation projectValueGo® is a ICT platform to • Identify and collect the digital footprint of produce and food products over their entire life-cycle, seamlessly fusing the information heritage through all product transformation phases • Enable the fusion of agrifood data regarding “things”, events and processes, collected from the field in a perfect IoT-style • Provide produce and food products with their own, distinctive Digital ID – Give “things” an identity
State of dev.Patent
Industrial applicationAgrifood Supply Chain
Market segmentMedium and Large Agrifood Companies. Consortium of Agrifood Companies.
Advantage factor• Secure end-to-end monitoring, control, governance, transparency and knowledge of the entire food value chain – “From Field to Fork” • Help farmers, food processors and retailers to increase efficiency, productivity and quality • Help combat fraud, counterfeiting and all major misdemeanour typically associated with the food industry • Help the consumer know more, and buy better
Commercial challengeSome figures from the Business Plan Funding: 2 M€ Revenues: Y1 = 710 K€; Y2 =2185 K€; Y3 = 6399 K€; Y4 = 11025 K€ Gross Margin: Y1 = 221 K€; Y2 = 1633 K€; Y3 = 5753 K€; Y4 = 10249 K€ Operating Costs: Y1 = 1261 K€; Y2 = 1575 K€; Y3 = 1980 K€; Y4 = 2141 K€ EBITDA: Y1 = -1040 K€; Y2 =58 K€; Y3 = 3773 K€; Y4 = 8108 K€
Publications and Customer ReferecesBarilla, Valoritalia, Ortofrutta Ferrera, Prosus, Statti, Cisco, Pwc, Unicredit Further information on references and pubblication at:

Proposal of cooperation agreementVenture capital financing, Licensing, Joint market development and solution deploy