Project id.48
Reference sectorICT
IP Protection LevelEuropean Patent 1371057 registered on 09.11.05 Italian Patent 1323158 registered on 23.07.2004
Description of the innovation projectSPEAKY FACILE is the first solution that allows visually impaired people to vocally enter the digital world without having to be computer literate. A suite of products based on Microsoft Windows 10, its advanced interface based on proprietary intelligent speech recognition technology allows the user to talk with potentially any computer’s digital contents and applications. Speaky Facile talks to and listens to commands through a simple remote control equipped with a microphone.
State of dev.Product
Industrial applicationITC
Market segmentAssistive Technology
Advantage factorIn order to significantly evolve from a technological point of view our main line of Speaky devices, MV aims to engineer advanced solution with intelligent and intuitive access paradigms (e.g. intelligent voice interfaces, access in natural language, advanced dialog systems) and to develop techniques of semantic analysis and automatic dialogue management.
Commercial challengeThe occupational return of the project will be important. MV will be in the position to acquire specialized Information Technology and Human-Computer Researchers. It is also to be underlined that the opportunity to provide new products and services will allow MV to hire more technitians and researchers and put the company in a further favorable position for being internationally competitive.
Publications and Customer ReferecesIn 2002 Medivoice launched Speaky Voice Portal, the first patented vocal portal solution acquired by Trenitalia, UIC, In 2008 at the Hannover CEBIT and at the SpeechTEK of New York Mediavoice presented a new patented solution: Speaky Media Center, and in 2010 it led 13 partners, in a 7 million euro project that did result into the newest patented “Speaky Audio-tactile”. In 2013 Mediavoice developed Speaky Facile, now in the latest 5.0 version.

Proposal of cooperation agreementCommercial representative, Venture capital financing, Distribution Agreement