TitleLiving Together
Project id.47
Reference sectorNEW MATERIALS
IP Protection LevelThe project is working as prototype. Despite that the collection of products made with innovative materials and technique, some of this collection can be produced while others, are finishing. The next step will foresee completion of prototypes and its patent.
Description of the innovation projectLIVING TOGETHER is a collection which gives value to matter and its implementation, where the design’s concept is meaning innate planning virtue, whose matrix is innovation. Cyclic features of Living Together's language, from tables to chairs, from screens to mirrors, from trays to accessories, pay a specific attention for use of materials and colors, as well as, skillfull handmade production of details. Living Together is also a soft innovation, thanks to partnership with enterprises and University, standing out for the innovation about materials, with the aim of carrying out modernity and distinction activity on the market.
State of dev.Prototype
Industrial applicationWood- furniture-design
Market segmentFurniture contract , related to food field, restaurant, biobar, concept store, showroom, interior design shop; lovers of design and of italian style; young couple with needs to furnish and decor home with high quality, handcraft materials, in order to get comfortability with a sustainable budget.
Advantage factorBusiness Soft innovation, born form partnership between Enterprise and University, with purpose to innovate systems and products offering new concept of eco-friendly products; Innovation of materials with use of recycled materials; Technical innovation, such as joint technique and wood cutting technique, new methods of dejection of working and classical assembly techniques that open a great scenario of eco-friendly solutions.
Commercial challengeThe business of Living Together collection will increase competitive vantage of ReLegno company because the collection will contribute to enforcement of trademark that is more recognizable with design products Made in Italy, ecofriendly and sustainbale from point of economic view. Living Together collection gives origin for ReLegno company, new growth scenarios linked to international economic recovery, to opportunity of Mde in Italy, to growth of emerging makets areas.
Publications and Customer ReferecesCasa Fluida di Iosa Ghini Massimo; Il design democratico di Ikea e Hay.

Proposal of cooperation agreementCommercial representative, Distribution Agreement