Project id.46
Reference sectorNEW MATERIALS
IP Protection Levelpatent n. 102017000078844, 102017000078863.
Description of the innovation projectPrespaglia has made the first Modular Straw Block ready to be assembled (3 types of bricks we have made). Alternative to traditional bricks, it allows to create walls quickly with a significant saving on the cost of labor and is also entirely made of natural products (straw and lime etc.). It can be produced all over the world. System of "Cold production" to save on production costs but also to reduce the carbon footprint. We have filed patents for our inventions.
State of dev.WE ARE SELLING, Marketing is in progress.
Industrial applicationGREEN BUILDING
Market segmentB2B,B2C
Advantage factorThere is no brick of straw the way we make it, since we are the only one using lime, straw etc.
Commercial challengeWe have 2 patents and we want to grow up in R&D with other materials too.
Publications and Customer ReferecesWe won a lot of awards with CONFIDUSTRIA and LEGAMBIENTE

Proposal of cooperation agreementCommercial representative, Know how transfer, Venture capital financing, Licensing, Distribution Agreement, Sub-contracting Agreement