Project id.45
Reference sectorICT
IP Protection Levelno
Description of the innovation projectProxity is an innovative cloud-based platform that allows you to create proximity apps for retail, smart cities and events, providing SDK to developer and web agency, and through its CMS, developed to facilitate everyone does not have IT knowledge. Thanks to Proxity, retail managers, public and private administrators and event organizers will be able to collect detailed information about users near their points of interest, to interact with them in a profiled and contextualised way, to create proximity campaigns, to segment and to analyze user’s habits and to make predictions about their behaviors
State of dev.Prototype
Industrial applicationPMI, Hosting Providers, Telco, agenzie web, business developer e venture capital
Market segmentThe target market segments are more than one, because our platform is suited to the needs of many sectors that coul be retail, public administrations, events and web agencies
Advantage factorOur platform is an innovative cloud-based proximity software with a SaaS model, which provides proprietary machine learning algorithms that together with the platform's core are usable through web services from different clients. Our competitive advantage is to give the possibility to develop proximity apps verticalized for domains (events, smart city and retail) providing SDK (for the developers) and through our CMS app builder.
Commercial challengeOur challenge is to help retail managers, public administrators and event organizers to collect more information about their customers / users, so as to guarantee better and tailor made services for customer.
Publications and Customer Referecesno

Proposal of cooperation agreementCommercial representative, Venture capital financing