Title MindLAB Set: a New Tool for Psychiatry, Psychology and Psychotherapy
Project id.44
Reference sectorBIOTECHNOLOGY
IP Protection Levelthe software has been filed at SIAE - We still have to file model and hardware. Logo and trademark are all filed and protected.
Description of the innovation projectMindLAB Set* is an integrated system for Applied Neuroscience that makes possible, in the clinical setting of the Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, the monitoring of exosomatic electrodermal activity. The use of this device allows to achieve one Multimodal psychodiagnosis as well as the emotional self-regulation and biofeedback techniques, such as Biofeedback, (Scrimali, 2010 and 2012) Mindfulness and Synchronic Mind Training. The set consists of a hardware named Data Acquisition Unit (D.A.U.), a pair of electrodes, a USB cable, for connection to the computer and two integrated software: MindSCAN & Psychofeedback. *Name, Model, and Software registered by Tullio Scrimali
State of dev.Product
Industrial applicationNeurosciences Applicate, Biofeedback and Traslational Psychiatry
Market segmentPsicology e Psychiatry all over the world. The potential market is really wide!
Advantage factorMindLAB Set signs a remarkable step forward in the field of a possible integration of an Applied Neuroscience device into the clinical setting. Its use is simple, the training is limited, the set is low cost. No other product, present on the international market, has its performances. MindLAB Set, in fact, is the only one, which combine a low price with some high scientific and quality standards.
Commercial challengeMindLAB Set is the only system for Applied Neuroscience on the market to exhibit so many scientific evidence and research lasting up to now more than ten years. International sales development would allow the development of the device and of its scientific evidence
Publications and Customer ReferecesScrimali T. (2012). Neuroscience-Based Cognitive Therapy - New Methods for Assessment, Treatment and Self-Regulation. Oxford: Wiley

Proposal of cooperation agreementVenture capital financing, Hardware and Software development