Project id.42
Reference sectorRENEWABLE ENERGY
IP Protection LevelSeveral international patents obtained
Description of the innovation projectA self-supporting aluminum profile, capable of roofing. On the inside profile flows the water that cools everything. High efficiency monocrystalline cells are mounted on the top, which cools up to 35% more than electricity. Thermal energy is captured and directed to heat pumps, which increase efficiency to Cop 7. Patents on the aluminum profile, building patents, patent on the electronics capable of transmitting all the data of each single panel on the same string cables!
State of dev.Product
Industrial applicationPhotovoltaic industry, solar thermal industry, housing industry.
Market segmentThe market is that of renewable energy, a world market with a growth rate of over 50% (world). The product simultaneously attacks the solar photovoltaic market, the solar thermal market, the housing market. Electric annual production per square meter 274 KW / h Annual thermal output per square meter 1170 KW / h € 250 per square meter.
Advantage factorTotal lower cost, smaller area, self-supporting cover, greater square foot energy.
Commercial challenge.Innovative product, unique in its kind. "A self-supporting roof, photovoltaic panel, thermal panel, all of a kind. Several patents OBTAINED for access to exploitation by licensing.
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