TitleIntegrated e-mobility system for metropolitan city
Project id.40
Reference sectorSMART CITY
IP Protection Levelnational patent request No: CT2014A000021; priority date: 04/12/2014; international application: PCT/IT2015/000286; international filing date: 25/11/2015;
Description of the innovation projectThe integrated transport system consists of a light infrastructure similar to the chairlifts. It's a route suspended from the ground for suburban connections and simple electric vehicles equipped with special devices which allow the hooking and the path of this route, with centralized power supply. It can be used in city centers to overcome the problem of traffic congestion and those of low traffic areas with low environmental impact: electrical low noise vehicles with zero CO2 emissions. It can be replicated in all contexts and directions characterized by the daily flow of autonomous vehicles between cities and places of interest, at the middle distance.
State of dev.Patent
Industrial applicationindustrial manufacturers of cars and electric vehicles, transport on cables, car components
Market segmentclients want to achieve in adopting this product.
Advantage factorThe e-mobility system is able to provide the most effective solution to the daily flow of cars in terms of: - reduce the travel time between the connected centers; - Minimizing the environmental impact, particularly in urban areas; - improve energy efficiency; The patented system solves the problem of the limited autonomy of electric vehicles that reduce the spread and use of connections between urban and suburban centers.
Commercial challengepatent protection offers a competitive advantage to the companies that make up the mobility system in partnership with the company that holds patents
Publications and Customer ReferecesBusiness Plan; Numerical simulation of operation

Proposal of cooperation agreementVenture capital financing, Distribution Agreement, companies manufacturing vehicles or transport systems on ropes