TitleSelling a global Big Data technology
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Reference sectorICT
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Description of the innovation projectSADAS created "Sadas Suite": a trio of fully integrated software solutions for Information Management. It includes: 1) Sadas Engine: a columnar DBMS for DWH able store and manage huge quantities of data, with performances 10100X faster than traditional databases; 2) Sadas BI: a BI software to create management dashboards and reporting documents; 3) Sadas Web: a web interface to access and query any size of archives on any DB. Sadas Suite is a onestop shop that allows to create powerful applications and was created in SADAS's R&D lab. SADAS has full ownership of this technology and all the applications developed on top of it. All solutions are available both on premises and in cloud.
State of dev.Product
Industrial applicationSADAS's revolutionary DBMS meets companies’ needs in their daily activities of sourcing, analyzing and managing their data. It is very efficient in all ETL activities and compatible with any DWH environment, thus easy to integrate. Thanks to the quick setup process, companies save time, allowing for better design & analysis. Management and maintenance costs are reduced and no DBA interventions are needed. Moreover, its frontend for dashboard & reporting works outofthebox.
Market segmentmodular, we can build a custom experience based on the context, the purpose and the goals our
Advantage factorSadas Suite is the ONLY commercial solution based on a truly columnar DBMS, completely designed, engineered and maintained by SADAS. SADAS developed and implemented unique features for its technology, allowing the development of more efficient solutions otherwise impossible to create, and at a much cheaper price than with competitors' technology. In this way, any organization can afford to have the technology and applications they need.
Commercial challengeSADAS has developed its own unique technology able to manage enormous volumes of data, perfect for Big Data analytics and IoT. Given the success reached by Sadas solutions in Italy, SADAS now wants to spread its technology also abroad. SADAS sell solutions at very competitive prices, so resellers can consistently increase enduser prices. In this way, not only do resellers have higher profit margins, but also customers can afford the technology they need and its maintenance at reasonable prices.
Publications and Customer Refereces"Star Query Plans in SADAS: A Data Warehouse system based on trasposed files Proceedings of the Fourteenth Italian Symposium on Advanced Database Systems", I, 2006 A. Albano "An innovative ColumnOriented DBMS for Business Intelligence Applications", Univ. of Pisa, I, 2007. Customer references in Italy: Gruppo B.Pop. MI, Gruppo BPER, Gruppo B. ICCREA, BNP/ParibasIFITALIA, UBAE Bank, RAI, SEC Servizi, Alba Leasing, Gruppo B.pop. SO, Gruppo Raiffeisen, CartaSI, MPS, SARA, UniCredit

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