Project id.37
Reference sectorICT
IP Protection Levelno IP protection yet
Description of the innovation projectA native app, targeted at events maker (eg educational, musical, cultural events), museums, galleries and exhibition managers, Retail managers, Food store managers, etc., introducing an innovative way for the attendants/customers to interact with the environment, depending on the context and the layout setup for the experience, in which they can get on demand information, notifications, obtain further info or contact details, easily get in touch with other people sharing the same (enhanced) experience through the app. Our product is far beyond a prototype, and it’s been validated by a basis of users that found the app useful, met their needs and improved their experience at the events.
State of dev.Product
Industrial applicationThe app is targeted at events maker (eg educational, musical, cultural events), museums,
Market segmentThe customer segment is variable, depending on the situation and the purpose the app pushes for; in other worlds, since the product is flexible, adaptable, customisable, scalable and modular, we can build a custom experience based on the context, the purpose and the goals our clients want to achieve in adopting this product.
Advantage factor*Interactive* app, allowing attendants and customers to get the right info at the right time
Commercial challengeUsing advanced technologies (iBeacon-indoor/Assisted GPS-Geofences), an enhanced User Centered User Experience already validated through the iteration on the last four products delivered, and a custom built CMS capable to empower the editors to create events, push notifications, change the programs, abilitate a Social Platform where people can interact with the environment or chat and meet up through in-app features, even a bid system, our competitive advantage in comparison to apps, services and products already developed by our competitors is massive. It’s a huge and great pportunity for us to disrupt this market through a dedicated team working only on the development of this app. We are already established as a Digital production company with a good reputation in UK: we know the market and the way to deal with international based clients in terms of culture, expectations, negotiations. London and Milan are places where loads of events or occasions in which the app can be adopted and used are limitless. It’s a perfect market where to build or validate the main functionalities and features offered by the product, refine the ompany structure and iterate the business model until finding a stable and solid structure that can be cloned anywhere else.
Publications and Customer ReferecesFollowing three cases of application of the product: Influssi: DDD+OFFF app: Archiproducts Scan:

Proposal of cooperation agreementCommercial representative, Venture capital financing