Project id.35
Reference sectorBIOTECHNOLOGY
IP Protection LevelPatent pending ICT/2017/
Description of the innovation projectLED illuminating device, more specifically a LED lamp structure with standard caps (Edison, bayonet.. ) and therefore ready to install on any existing lighting system, able to break down, thank you to its own technical and constructive characteristics, the microbial load present in the environments in which the luminaire is installed. The device also allows a power consumption not different from the one of a standard LED bulb/lamp, does not employ photocatalytic materials classified as hazardous, does not emit wavelengths that fall in the ultraviolet region, and can be supplied with a thermostated lighting room and an articulated endowment of sensors and management technologies
State of dev.Product
Industrial applicationMedical, Public,School,Restaurant,Gym
Market segmentBiovitae® can be installed in all the place were the people or the animal live.
Advantage factorAntimicrobial resistance is the most dangerous medical emergency in the world. Biovitae® si the first prevention device to decrease the bacterial load on the surface and show his activity against the biofilm.
Commercial challengeAntimicrobial resistance is a world emergency and if we can be show the our technologies, more places can resolve the problem.
Publications and Customer Refereces How to stop antibiotic resistance? Here's a WHO prescription

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