TitleOxhydroelectric Effect
Project id.31
Reference sectorRENEWABLE ENERGY
IP Protection LevelItalian patent 1411927 Procedure and device for the extraction of electricity from water Inventors: Roberto Germano, Vittorio Elia. Patent holder: PROMETE Srl
Description of the innovation projectIn the experiments conducted up to now, an electrical power of the order of 0.2 microwatt is extracted by bidistilled water. So, although it is a totally new phenomenon, it should be noted that not negligible electric powers are obtained; e.g. it would already be able to feed a RAM. This obviously leaves hope in the possibility to make new type of "solar cells" operating in the infrared, i.e. even in those conditions that our eyes are considering "dark", always rich of infrared radiation.
State of dev.Concept
Industrial applicationInstrumental electrotechnics
Market segmentInstrumental electrotechnics
Advantage factorTechnological Breakthrough
Commercial challengeThe Oxhydroelectric Effect consists in the extraction of an electric current from bi-distilled water, using two identical platinum electrodes, where the current is fed from the simple environmental heat, and mediated by oxygen molecules, and a special polymer, where electrical current is powered by the simple environmental heat, a kind of infrared photovoltaic cell.
Publications and Customer ReferecesR. Germano et al., OxhydroelectricEffect: Electricity from Water by Twin Electrodes, Key Engineering Materials, 495, 100-103 (2012) R. Germano et al., Oxhydroelectric Effect in bi-distilled water, Key Engineering Materials, 543, 455-459 (2013).

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