TitleUrban Express Delivery Manager
Project id.29
Reference sectorSMART CITY
IP Protection LevelCopyright sul software
Description of the innovation projectThe innovative Web App in Cloud that reduces costs and increases productivity by optimizing the management of Urban Express Deliveries (Pony Express Management)
State of dev.Product
Industrial applicationLogistic
Market segmentUrban Express Delivery (Pony Express)
Advantage factorDesigned to simplify and speed up the sending of orders and bookings by customers via web by PC, tablets and smartphones or by telephone. Reduces costs Assigning the most suitable runs to your couriers with a single click and with the help of the map allows you to optimize delivery routes increasing daily productivity. Easy to use You are immediately operative from anywhere, no need for installation and training, the whole platform is designed to simplify and speed up the routine.
Commercial challengeTHE CLOUD APPLICATION THAT MAKES THE DIFFERENCE Practical, fast, safe, simple, usable, all you need to meet the needs of your customers.
Publications and Customer ReferecesDemo site:

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