Project id.27
Reference sectorSMART CITY
Description of the innovation projectOur technology for energy saving, Smartlight, is an universal electronic device for automatic adaptive control of artificial lighting, due to its very low payback time, has been confirmed in various publications "the best solution for energy efficiency in lighting systems ". Our system is undoubtedly the technology with the minimum payback time on the market: 1 year for an average return on investment.
State of dev.Product
Industrial applicationAutomatic control of artificial lighting for energy saving
Advantage factorPerfectly compatible with any type of lamp and with any type of plant, allows to obtain an average energy saving of 50% which in some cases can be up to over 90%.
Commercial challengeThe payback is then 4 times less than LED products, and the cost 5 times lower, as well as being constructively more robust and durable, and has the advantage of non-invasive installation that occurs quickly and without changing the existing lighting system.
Publications and Customer Refereces GSE: SMARTLIGHT la migliore soluzione per l’efficienza energetica negli impianti di illuminazione GENITRON: Tecnologia Smartlight: GREENTRONICS sul Podio dell’Efficienza Energetica CASACLIMA: impianti illuminazione - ideato dispositivo elettronico per efficienza energetica PROTECTA: SMARTLIGHT, L’ILLUMINAZIONE INTELLIGENTE ENERGIE SENSIBILI: Efficienza energetica, la tecnologia Made in Italy per l'illuminazione NEXTVILLE: Smartlight, il risparmio energetico Made in Italy nell’illuminazione

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