TitleNatural Intelligent Technologies
Project id.26
Reference sectorICT
IP Protection LevelItalian patent granted with number N°RM2013A000022 , US patent granted with number N° 9665768, patent pending in Europe and Israel.
Description of the innovation projectBuilding reading machines with Artificial Intelligence. The first Italian software technology able to read, search and analyze cursive handwriting into digital documents
State of dev.Patent
Industrial applicationICT sector of automatic document processing
Market segmentImage Recognition Market, that has a total revenue of 21.65 Billion $ and growth rate of 21% for the next years. Our target segment is OCR/ICR solutions that has a total revenue of 9.65 Billion $
Advantage factorA completely new approach that overcome some problems of already existing approaches, such as the segmentation problem and the lexicon problem. The core technology is independent of the writer, the alphabet and the language; it requires a reduced training set of data and it is able to read also words not given to the system in the training phase
Commercial challengeThe IP asset with the patents and the trademark registered in US, Italy and Europe we got for our first product are growing the value of our company; we also plan to register other two trademarks for the other lines of product
Publications and Customer ReferecesThe team of the founders of the spin-off company has more than 50+ papers published in the highest impact ranking of the Pattern Recognition sector

Proposal of cooperation agreementVenture capital financing, Licensing, Distribution Agreement