TitleNexToMe - Indoor Positioning and Navigation system (RTLS)
Project id.24
Reference sectorICT
IP Protection Levelpatent in US, Singapore, Italy and Europe: Enhanced Indoor Localization Method n° (WO2015/049660)
Description of the innovation projectNextome makes indoor positioning and navigation a reality. When visiting a building, walking inside a closed space, locate where you are and navigate to a chosen destination is now possible with Nextome technology. Nextome was born to solve the problems of the people, replacing the paper maps, it eliminates the hassle of checking signs, it allows targeted couponing and advertising everything with their own smartphones.
State of dev.Patent
Industrial applicationSmart city, RTLS (Real time location system), Security, Transportation, Logistics
Market segmentThe target market for Nextome, are the large buildings: Museums, Shopping Malls, Exhibitions, Airports and Hotel. Global IPIN Market Remarkable CAGR of more than 42% by 2020 (source: Reuters)
Advantage factorNextome technology has the following advantages: State of art technology. The patent technology of Nextome was created to be adaptable to any type of environment, it is accurate to about a meter of error. High Scalability. The whole computation of the position is made on the smartphone and therefore is not necessary any remote server architecture, making it possible to use Nextome also of ine, as well as normal GPS. Nextome does not use fingerprinting.
Commercial challengeWith the patent filed you can be able to market the product and make it extensible all nations. The first patent has a filing date of Oct. 2013 beginning of what would be the explosion of this technology.
Publications and Customer ReferecesMany international magazines and blogs have written about Nextome. GPS Business News (; Italian General Consul of San Francisco (; Museums and Web Florence 2014 ( ); [Best Seller Book] “Future Cities: 42 Insights and Interviews with In uencers, Startups, Investors” ( ABI Research ( Nextome included in the prestigious Grizzly Analytics report (

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