TitlePre-connectorized optical cable
Project id.22
Reference sectorICT
IP Protection LevelThe proposed project was presented as a patent for industrial invention on 14/11/2017, application number 102017000130072
Description of the innovation projectIn the ICT sector, a precise, economical, rapid, and reliable method of fiber optic connectivity is increasingly required. The present invention relates to a fiber optic cable with a pre-assembled termination element having a smaller radial size than current solutions and a second mobile component, useful to ensure the structural stability of the entire system. This invention is produced by micro precision processing on pre-existing ferrule component and on special molds.
State of dev.Prototype
Industrial applicationConstruction and sale of mono/multi fiber, modal/multimode pre-connectorized cables compatible with all standard connectors available on the market: FC, ST, SC, LC, MU. Also compatible with standard ferule: PC, UPC, APC, Step.
Market segmentThe prototype interest any operator in the field of ICT, smart building and fiber optics, thus leading the size of the global market potential.
Advantage factorThis is an innovative system designed to allow quick connection, as it is already equipped with quality workmanship and technical specifications. At present, specific and expensive machinery is required, further high technical capability obtainable through specific courses to make the connection in question. The "Easy Fiber" system, however, enables a final assembly on the field without excessive costs, long times and complex operations, making the whole system more reliable and user friendly.
Commercial challengeThanks to the patent application, we are the only one in the world to solve the main problems involved in the preparation and connection of optical fiber cables. The goal is to get in touch with the world's largest fiber optic manufacturers such as: Prysmian, Belden, Tyco etc...
Publications and Customer ReferecesThe idea came by analyzing the direct experience and also on the field given by feedback from installers working with our products and systems, such as the patented Cap system, winner of the Best of CES 2001 during the "Consumer Electronic Show "in Las Vegas.

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