TitleAirmag - inflatable container
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Reference sectorNEW MATERIALS
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Description of the innovation projectit is a destructive innovation in the field of reception and ready-to-use. AIRMAG inflatable living modules. These pneumatic containers are transported in small stackable boxes, they are prepared in a few minutes with the electric pumps, once inflated they offer a great resistance thanks to the pressure of 2 bar and are extremely insulating for the double membrane full of air. It is possible to have some interior furnishings always made of inflatable panels with thicknesses ranging from 50 to 200mm so that tables, shelves, cabinets, etc. can be inflatable anyway.
State of dev.Prototype
Industrial applicationthe Airmag can replace all the inflatable tents, the living container, and in general prefabbricated houses in many cases. Airen have a project for producing in industy 4.0 the Airmag, increasing the number of units produced and decreasing the cost per unit
Market segmentIn the field of ready-to-use reception only the number of people who have left their homes and are seeking shelter is estimated 65 million refugees. to his number, 20,000 units (one city) are added each day. Every day new reception camps are set up. UNHCR alone today spends an annual sum of $ 5 billion on reception.
Advantage factorThe module is also equipped with photovoltaic fabric on the roof and a rollable PVC water tank, with an electric pump that supplies the water system of the house. The living comfort is clearly superior to that of any other solution They can be used separately in the emergency reception, in case of disasters, or in the refugee sector, also in the tourist reception sector, thanks to the absence of building restrictions, and in the shipbuilding sector.
Commercial challengeeasy to transport, easy and fast set-up, great resistance, good insulation, integrated furniture, integrated photovoltaic fabbric, integrated water tank, impilable boxes, great confort. Is for sure the best solution for emergency hospitality
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