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Description of the innovation projectThe AirEn company is specialized in pneumatic engineering it’s operating under the ENERI brand, already leader in Italy in the inflatable advertising and event market. It produces permanent pneumatic structures for the coverage of even very large surfaces ( up to thousands of square meters) with very low sales, and management costs, with very high technical performances, simple and quick set-up, and free from particular authorization charges. In particular, thanks to the patented AIRPOWER technology AirEn proposes a versatile product able to for example to cover sports facilities, warehouses, outdoor areas and outdoor areas. sector, to seasonally use public and private pools.
State of dev.Product
Industrial applicationwide span inflatable enclosure to cover any sports surface, therefore beach volleyball, basketball, soccer, skating, agility dog, horse riding , bowls, crossfit, school gyms, schools, fitness in general, but also warehouses, construction sites, events and general in every occasion, where enclosed spaces are needed. Cover for swimming pools, it is possible to deseasonalizing the with low costs. Ho.reca pneumatic enclosure to seasonally use any pertinence like dehors of bars and restaurants.
Market segmentSport facilities in Italy that need to be covered are about 97.000 in France 5 times more. In Italy there are 125,000 swimming pools outdoor. • FRANCE - 628,000 pools • SPAIN - 396,000 pools • GERMANY - 597,000 pools • UNITED STATES 15 milions of pools. there are nearly 300.000 potential customers only in Italy
Advantage factorOur patents cover all the technical know-how. Airen has a 4.0 industrialization project to enormously increase its production capacity to reduce production costs, thus achieving an extremely low cost per unit such that margins and sales prices are even more competitive and scalable. The inflatable enclosure are fast to setup, low cost, no management fee, no zoning, insulating. A traditional pressostatic airdome need 15.000 euro per year just of electricity, don't hve windows
Commercial challengeAirpower can replace worldwide the pressostatic airdomes, and offer a solution a lot less expensive than every tensostatic. In many country is the only solution that don't need authorizzation to be buid. For pool market is the best solution to use in winter every outdoor pool. For Restaurant, Bars, Hotel, is a great solution to enclose the open dehors and increase the number of available seats.
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