TitleGiPStech: Micro-Localization technologies
Project id.17
Reference sectorICT
IP Protection Level5 patents filed, all granted at Italian level and evolving at the level of international regionalization
Description of the innovation projectGiPStech developed and brings to market a highly innovative portfolio of technologies dedicated to micro-localization, to extend "GPS-like" services where GPS does not work (indoors, urban canyons, etc.) with maximum performance at minimum cost. We are best-known for geomagnetic localization, based on exploitation of natural magnetic field anomalies as guiding signal. Another landmark is the so-called "inertial engine" that allows us to precisely understand user's movements starting from commercial sensors readings. Our portfolio also includes proprietary approaches to radio-frequency localization (Wi-Fi and Bluetooth) and integration of other inputs.
State of dev.Product
Industrial applicationGiPStech localization technology can be used in many vertical applications, wherever it is useful to track movements of people or assets. To date, the greatest interest is found in: - Industry 4.0 for the tracking / optimization of flows - Nursing / rest facilities: for tracing patients and mobile machinery - Logistic hubs (airports, stadiums, stations) as a service to users - Museums, fairs, events for user service and data collection
Market segmentFinancial analysts (Markets & Markets and others) estimate the market for indoor location at 5B $ for 2016, growing at 40-45 B $ in 2020
Advantage factorGiPStech technology has shown in independent tests (Grizzly Analytics Testbed 2017) to be the best one compatible with consumer electronics on the market. In particular, it demonstrated: - 25% greater accuracy than competitors - Un-comparable stability: our localization is immediately stable, others require a time (7-10 seconds) to stabilize with variations of 20-30%
Commercial challengeGiPStech is starting to meet partners interested to licensing, both at global level and on specific markets. We are also interested in their distribution via API to large developers or system integrators. Finally, GiPStech develops vertical solutions independently. To date : - Mobile-first platform for maintenance management, in use in Milan's airports - Mobile guides platform for museums and events, applied to 3 different museums and 2 important international events
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