Project id.157
Reference sectorAEROSPACE
IP Protection LevelPatent application deposited the 16th of November 2017
Description of the innovation projectThe SEAGULL is a high performing ultralight amphibian aircraft with hybrid motorization, easy and economical, operating in autonomy from any infrastructure. It is featured by a retractile morphing wing that makes possible to pass from an aircraft to a hull configuration, powered by sail and/or engine. The integration of methods and technologies from aerospace and naval sector are put together to create a unique product relying on a wide use of high performing composite materials and eco-friendly production processes. Such new mobility system is thought for promoting the communication between people and go beyond the current barriers of the public and private transports.
State of dev.Concept
Industrial applicationAerospace, Naval
Market segmentReconnaissance, surveillance, sport, tourism, training activities.
Advantage factorTechnological challenges: 1. the development of innovative electromechanical actuation mechanisms enabling the transition from the aircraft to the sail configuration; 2. the production of an integrated and lightweight aerostructure, thanks to a wide use of composite materials through out of autoclave and as much as possible automated production processes.
Commercial challengeThe commercial challenge is the production of a new mobility system that is multi-scope (Reconnaissance, surveillance, sport, tourism, training activities), economical (accessible) and eco-friendly (materials and production processes).
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Proposal of cooperation agreementCommercial representative, Venture capital financing, Distribution Agreement