Title CAPRI - Landing Gear System with intelligent actuation.
Project id.153
Reference sectorAEROSPACE
IP Protection LevelCarrying out the activities necessary for the request, to the competent offices, of the recognition of Intellectual Property for the innovative solutions developed.
Description of the innovation projectThe CAPRI project aims to develop innovative technologies for the main components and subsystems of the landing gear of a commercial aircraft, in order to improve the "mission effectiveness" in terms of performance, reliability, maintenance, flight safety, and to develop a strategy for the qualification and certification that makes extensive use of simulation models of elementary parts each duly validated by laboratory tests at full scale or dedicate mock-up. Furthermore will be carried out a study of the machining technology with low environmental impact in the field of green technologies.
State of dev.Concept
Industrial applicationCommercial Aviation
Market segmentMagnaghi is a leader in the design, construction and maintenance of landing gear, its equipment plumbing and electrical, hydraulic and electromechanical actuators for moving the landing gear doors, shopping carts and cargo doors, secondary aircraft structures and aircraft business / both regional and military aircraft
Advantage factorThe technical or technological innovations to be integrated into the shopping cart system are: Implementation of the electric steering system (steering) and dell'uplock emergency landing gear system. Weight & Balance of the real aircraft Structures innovative materials (composites and titanium alloys).
Commercial challengeThe potential technological implications of the project are: Maintaining a technological level / advanced operating against the competition; The ability to improve and propose different solutions but technologically viable and innovative solutions for the various types of landing gear; The development of new methodologies that impact from design to manufacturing to the qualification tests with the aim of reducing the time and cost of development
Publications and Customer ReferecesReferences: Alenia Aermacchi S.p.A., Augusta Westland S.p.A., APPH Grroup, Centro Italiano Ricerche Aerospaziali S.c.p.A. – CIRA S.c.p.A., Embraer, Messier-Dowty L.t.d., Liebherr, Ministero della Difesa Italiana

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